We build solutions in three-tier architecture in the service model. Characteristic features of our solutions:

  • available to users via a Web browser
  • available for mobile devices
  • spatial data available in the service model according to the OGC
  • immediately we provide the basic functions of map component, such as:
    • the display of spatial data on a map,
    • move the map – changing the scale of the map (zoom in and out on the map),
    • moving the map view (navigate),
    • search Data,
    • adjusting the map view to sophisticated objects,
    • composing map content by managing the visibility of data on a map (on and off layers of data, control the visibility of layers on map),
    • measuring distance and area on a map,
    • printing a map section to a file,
    • adding and editing points on the map


We offer a dedicated GIS solutions for companies in the following industries:

  • energy,
  • gas,
  • heating,
  • water and sewage,
  • telecommunications.

A common feature of GIS solutions for the industry is the flexibility, focus on the real needs of users and intuitive access to system functions (via a web browser, also from mobile devices).
In addition to the wide possibilities of integration with existing enterprise GIS systems, our solution provides:

  1. Customizable and intuitive module built in Maps accessible from a Web browser offers the ability to visualize and analyze data in GIS with spatial reference, in particular:
    • infrastructure mapping company (device, cable, buildings), together with the ability to display in the environment mapowym additional information about objects (graphical attachments, attributes of objects)
    • Map of phenomena (faults, failures) associated with the use of enterprise infrastructure,
    • mapping of network infrastructure development plans (the ability to compare different options considered),
    • map presenting the projected demand for goods and services (in the case of execution of the integration of systems supporting business processes associated with the sale of goods and services)
    • reference data to support the ongoing operation of companies (including data from county databases GESUT and created a national database GESUT)
    • Data from network services (including OGC)
  2. The innovative module offers support for operational activities:
    • to document the mobile devices of infrastructure status (inventory) events and the results of the teams field (solution provides transfer the data to the central database, so that they are in the very short time available in the form of mapping or as contextual information relating to the objects presented on maps ),
    • the ability to analyze the collected data in terms of time.
  3. Unit sales support using GIS technologies to support distribution and accounting for the sale of goods and services.
GIS Integration with Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions


We offer GIS solutions to extend the capabilities provided by systems support an operation of the enterprise (BI data warehouses) by an additional spatial aspect.

Integrated business data presented and analyzed with the support of GIS tools provide a valuable source of information enabling to take reasonable steps to optimize business processes.

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